Jay Keim Bio

Photographer, dad, Dog Lover! I am here to give you a unique photographic experience.

Hello and I’m glad you stopped by! I am Jay Keim and have been a photographer forever.

I live in the Lovely town of Lawrence, Kansas and my studio is situated in the Historic West Bottoms of Kansas City, Missouri. My work has been shown in galleries across the country and published in World Wide competitions and in books of photography.

I owned the Lawrence Community Photo Studio for seven years. A non profit designed to help young and old photographers to reach their goals and give them a place to work and grow.

Then came Covid.

Since 2020 I have been focusing on the Collodion Wet Plate process from the 1850s. A truly unique photographic experience I am excited to share with you!

I would love to talk with you about your ideas and inspirations. Everything from Wet Plate, Portraiture, Artistic ideas or events.

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